About Me

We found each other!

There are million of things you could have been doing right now but you are here.

You found me.

Reading these very words.

Reading this very heart of mine.

Planets collide.

This is not an accident.

I am glad you are here.

┊  ┊  ┊  ┊

┊  ┊  ┊  ★

┊  ┊  ☆

┊  ★

I was always an unusual girl.

My mother told me

I had a chameleon soul,

no moral compass pointing daue north,

no fixed personality,

just an inner indecisiveness

that was as wide and as wavering

as the ocean.

Ride (2012)

Kim is a sworn believer of the printed word. Her friends fondly call her Kimmy or K. And Hope/Hopie if you are family.

She is an ambivert. Pep talks are her specialty.

She has a large circle of friends but open up only to a selective few. But most of the time she chose to keep it to herself because she is not good at expressing her emotions.

Her heart is a wild sea. She paint words in a blank sheet. She bleed words. She has a complicated mind and a skeptic heart. She stand firm on her convictions. Her thoughts and beliefs are gigantic. She is more than the face behind the screen.

Kim was born in the wrong decade. She have an old heart. She love to travel. Both mountain and beach person. She admire the difference between brilliance and beauty of contradiction. She love how the land can be the greatest teacher. How can something can be both grounding yet elevating, intoxicating yet soothing, wild yet serene, intensely primal yet patient and cycling yet predictable within the shifts, and rhythms. She dream of colours and the vastness and depth of the ocean.

She is an ocean child. She grew up how to appreciate and respect the ocean and it’s something that holds deep in her heart. She want the future generations to experience all its wonder. Indeed, she love being around the nature.

She is passionate about social issues and commenting on society, and faults of this world. The inconsistency about what we tell and what we actually think. It’s just that the human brain just excites her in gerenal. It is her highest dream to see the Philippines reverse this ancient tide of inferiority and struggle. Because she believes that Filipinos deserve so much more than what we’re getting now. For her, not being able to present that to her people, to her communities, is unacceptable. There’s no way to stop her from planting as many seeds of greatness as she can for future generations of Filipino artists. Of Youth. She want to do everything that she can to give them what they deserve, to give them a life that’s not just about surviving or resilience, but a life that’s really worth living, a life of thriving.

She also want to make people’s lives better she believes that awareness without action is useless. It’s the action step that goes beyond awareness so we don’t just stay aware but we become overcomers.

It is the least she can do, for all that she has been given.

Kim love pastels, neon lights, denim everything, taking photos and being active.

Books are her passion and she can’t imagine her life without it. Despite her love for books, she never considers herself a bookworm. She deems that love for books is a solitary pilgrimage. Her favorite authors are Nietzsche, Deleuze, Dostoevsky, Murakimi, Coelho, Nabokov and Plath. Followed by writing when she have realized that there is no one will write the story in her head.

She lives in Manila where she is busy juggling her life and everything else in between.

Most of the time she is funny and crazy but there are times thay she is better off as a dead corpse cause she’s dead boring.

This blog is her north star during strange times and it is always been her want to serve others in a tangible way, not only through her cooking and art, but also with her words. This sense of purpose is what compelled her to start writing about the creative journey, combining wisdom that she had learned from others with lessons she needed to remind herself of. She figured — what are we all here for if not to inspire one another? And she want to serve more concretely through her creative pursuits and share what she’d learned along the way.

This blog contained a motley crew of ideas: about her personal reflections on life, love, self-growth, self-development, adulting tips — the How-To’s of your 20’s. Also of her travels, adventures, art, film, book, food, beauty reviews. She is not really the best blogger out there and she don’t always have the right words to say but writing is her passion, so she hope y’all will enjoy and relate.