I’m Drunk, I Love You

I had watched I’m Drunk, I Love You first in 2017, now I had finished rewatching it again, after 3 years, and the feels is still the same.

WARNING: If you still haven’t watched it, this review contains major spoilers.

It’s a story about an unconfessed (therefore unrequited) love — a one way love which this generation loves (and hates) so much. So the movie is a hipster romcom chick flick movie but done in a very tasteful manner with nice execution.

I’m Drunk, I Love You reminds us of old wounds, of pains and fears we buried in the past, of decisions we once made. It is uncomfortable because it is all too familiar. But because it is uncomfortable, it is even more beautiful.

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Dio and Carson are best friends which started when they were in college. Carson grew her love for Dio which she kept for seven long-years — parallel to their academic residency in the University. The challenge here is how will she confess her feelings to him and manage her expectations on Dio’s response to that confession?


Both graduating students from the University of the Philippines.

Carson, the poster girl of torpe, the heroine of hopia. Her energy carried the whole movie in a raw, natural endearing and completely charming take as the girl who isn’t loved. She’s funny, talented, flamboyant, outgoing, outspoken, liberal and independent and just glowing in the movie. You’ll wonder what guy in his right mind wouldn’t fall in love with her.

Dio is a film major and a hipster artistic musician, who is not interested on what future awaits him even though he passed Aptitude Exam ( it’s an admission exam administered by the UP College of Law annually. It is often regarded as one of the most stringent law admission exam. Those who pass the LAE earn an almost lifetime bragging rights of being a LAE passer even when graduating from the UP College of Law is another story). But he’s is not happy about it. Dio is the representation of every boy you ever loved who didn’t love you back but you didn’t regret. He is mysterious, brooding self but this time, there is even more sincerity and depth in his eyes.

Their friend, Jason Ty is another character story. Though it’s a tried-and-tested gay beshie formula, they were still able to pull it off. But this movie, I think, tried to humanize further Jason’s role as not your only tried-and-tested beshie but a more substantive living LGBT person. Jason Ty is your soundboard who’s always there to remind you of how stupidly in love you are with your own Dio.

And there’s another major character, PatHy (with an H) hahaha. She is like the anti-thesis of Carson. Pathy is meek, prim, proper, feminine, and this is what swoons a regular guy. Nakakatawa na nakakainis ‘yung character niya all throughout, it’s like wala naman siyang ginagawang masama pero basag-trip kasi siya palagi.


The director has a good background in millennials’ and hipsters’ way of life — perhaps because he is also one? The movie extensively utilized alcohol as the pivotal instrument in important scenes. There is just the right amount of humors — are executed by music and novelties such as language and body movements — remember that ‘luh luh luh luh luh ooohhh’ on the iPod scene and that Bagnet dance? Oh such a guilty pleasure to dance with that bagnet body wave while eating it. Also sarcasm, subtext, and emotional heft in every exchange that it could be a random discussion I’m having with one of my friends; If I were to wrap I’m Drunk, I Love You in one word, it would be Impact. The entire ensemble — from the story, the characters to the cinematography and, most especially, the music — coherently brings it all home. It moves you so deeply; it is not easy to forget — the feelings it makes you feel, the message it puts across.

Every turning point that happens in the movie corresponds its moment in major silence. It is basically commanding the audience to feel what Carson feels . . . when an explosive line is delivered, look at their eyes, then the cinematography, then listen to the drop of the music . . . oooh the feeeels! Direk JP Habar eally knows how to fill up the emotion and trigger them all at once for you to explode. Those scenes happened with the following:

•They revel in late night inuman sessions and walwalan. Their bat cave of choice is Tomato Kick along Maginhawa Street (which has now closed down in real life) where we learn more of Carson’s dilemma — that Dio has tol-zoned her, i.e. “I love you, tol!”  But it doesn’t matter where they are really, because Carson is your masokista college self who is drinking one bottle after another at Sarah’s in Krus na Ligas, Dapitan Square in Sampaloc, or Green Place along Taft Avenue. In any of these places, you’re with your own Jason Ty.

•She asked him of his plan in entering Law School. Carson felt betrayed. She was faltering. Dio snatched his guitar and plays his composition. She asked (non-verbatim) “maglo-law school ka pala ‘di ka nagsasabi,” Dio retorted with the lines of the song he’s writing. Oh that feels!!!

•Then there’s the use of the out-on-a-whim road trip from Manila to the music festival in La Union. Carson goes on the road trip because she’s been harboring an intense, unrequited love for Dio since they met and views it as a chance to finally get some closure. It’s later revealed that Dio went to pursue reconciliation with his ex-girlfriend Pathy who he knew was going to be there.

Stuck with each other on the road, we learn more about the characters and how well they know about each other, including their own thing of eating butterball while drinking beer.

•Carson finally confessed to Dio her love for him. It was a moment of silence, then Carson dropped the ‘I love you’ bomb! Both of them exploded.

• That “Mahal kita, seven years na. Seven years na kitang mahal.”

Carson confesses that she’s loved Dio for seven years and he kisses her tears away, my brain went into full alert. Is he just trying to comfort her? Is this just to give her what she wants? But the film turns into a tangled mess of emotions when you realize that Dio does have affection for Carson, and that she wasn’t imagining everything. Maybe it’s not love, but it’s something close enough that you could confuse the two.

•Carson waking up from last night’s chaos. Carson finally confessed her feelings, it was kept for seven long years. Now she finally said it. What’s next? He kissed her. He almost fucked her. Why? To make up for his mistakes? To make up for his future mistakes because he can’t really reciprocate her feelings? That’s the best sorry that he can give? A fuck? What’s next after the confession? Too many questions running though her mind, and me as an audience. What will happen next? But as an audience, I wanted to savor that moment of confusion from last night’s war. Direk JP gave us audience that silence. Carson was lying alone on her bed, no music, no people talking, no nuisance noises, complete silence. Not only to think, but also to feel the emotion.

•Carson and Dio was standing with the audience during Daluyon Music Festival. This is my fave scene. Look at the cinematography here. Carson stepped backward on the left, Dio in the middle, Pathy on the right. Carson distanced herself from Dio, but she prayed that Pathy will take that long at the comfort room. Just an ample time for her to glance at Dio. That’s the only scene in the movie where she was emotional with Dio. It was quite a leap from her character towards Dio. She did finally confess her feelings. Then the music plays again. Saaaad song.

•Honestly, my heart broke the loudest at that scene where she sang her final song for him on the festival stage. And he just stood by the audience, just looking at her, listening to her pain, a film of controlled, unshed tears clouding his eyes, telling without words — if only he could return her feelings to spare her of this pain, he would. But he knows forcing it won’t do them both any good. So he just stands. Listening. Endlessly saying sorry.

At this point, the knife driven to our chest is being buried deeper to cause more pain. That’s how relatable it is. The movie title starts with “I’m Drunk” and it would help if everyone’s just drunk than in pain.

•Later on, what used to be a fun-filled memory of a long drive becomes an awkward scenario between Carson, Dio, and Dio’s love interest Pathy.

•The moving on scene. Dio wore his sablay perhaps as part of his apologetic gesture to Carson. For the whole movie, he eloped topics on his life after graduation and after his college life. He is afraid to see what is awaiting him come graduation day. He feels the pressure of creating a dent in the universe. He was so scared in life after graduation that he ditched his graduation. Hashtag adulting. But in this scene, he had his share of his realizations. He wore his sablay and asked Carson out. Tomato Kick (TK) is already closed but still they pursued drinking (again). Carson chuckled. I think that’s her complete realization that there’s life after loving Dio. Dio was dying to know why she laughed, Carson never bothered telling him the reason. I also never wanted Carson to tell Dio the reason, because I knew her reason. Only Carson and us audience know the real reason. They laughed again together. That’s her first laugh after her heartbreak with Dio.

**Sablay or sash in English is a garment worn by UP students on their graduation. Instead of the traditional graduation gown and toga, UP Diliman students (some UP units wear gown and toga) wear Barong Tagalog (for men) or Filipiniana or any white dress and skirt (for women) while wearing the sash with a baybayin script stitched on it meaning U.P.photo grabbed from our.upd.edu.ph


Heavily emotional but inquisitively complete. I like the non-verbal communications between the characters. I can understand them completely. You feel so many things. When they laugh, you laugh. When they pause, you pause. When their hearts break, you hear yours breaking, too.

The film is sprinkled with various musical performances from indie artists. The film itself inhabits a growing subculture of music, literature, movies, and art that revolves around young love and unexpressed feelings.

The film fundamentally tells you about the friendship and adulthood in the midst of unrequited love. It immerses you in laughter, in pain, and in fear of what you have once gone through. It is so familiar that it leaves scars in your heart, that which somehow has never felt so light. It reminds you to not be grappled by fear, but to be brave and leap — be it in baring your heart to him/her or in fully letting go, in facing all the hurt head on to save the friendship that could be easily lost. It asks you to stop allowing fear to hold you back and just jump. For what can you do if you’re just there forever cowering? Fear does you anything but good. You have been there on that cliff for seven years — your unrequited love, your diploma you kept on delaying — and what have you gained? This movie tells you it is time to face the void. It is time to be free.

The main reason why this film works for me is because it hits too close to home; Maja Salvador brilliantly captures all the emotional intensity that comes with that much unfulfilled potential–the drunkenness, the anger, and the ferocious turbulence. She plays all that with just the right balance of pain and humor; making you laugh and ache all at the same time. For me it’s one of the best Filipino films.

It’s a mistake to think that this film purely about “friendzone” or hugot because, like most relationships, it’s a lot messier than that. It’s more than the love story that never was, the movie also touches on what a student’s graduation means to his/her family—for Dio, it’s the start of his parent’s imposition; for Carson, it’s a big celebration and huge sigh of relief for their whole barangay; how we find our life-long friends in the university; and the uncertainty that awaits after you graduated. This is your college story, after all, and I’m Drunk, I Love You is determined to bring you the whole package; The uncertainty of tomorrow, the cowardice of shouting deep sentiments, the embodiment of a personal insecurity in the flesh, an unrequited love finally let out, the reaction on the ending that even though you already know the possible answer it still hurts to be heard. And nothing prepared you for the feels. What I also love about the movie is how it shows how our closest relationships never change even as changes happen in our lives. Love, in its purest form, always remains the same, truth withheld and truth to be told.

I’m Drunk, I Love You is accompanied by an old formula of lost souls, a bottle of beer, and alternative songs in the background; It is the movie that learned from the efficient “if it is not broken, don’t fix it” philosophy. The film reminded me of how pain demands to be felt.

I couldn’t imagine a different ending of this movie.



Here are some of the lines from the movie:

“Baks, ayon na ‘yun e, nag-i love you na siya, kaso dinugtungan pa ng ‘tol’?”

The heck!


Bakit kasi si Pathy with an H? Asar! Hahahaha!!

“Wag tayo sa bagnet, mukhang nakakasama sa puso. Pinagbalot mo pa ng tatlo.”

This movie will make you crave for bagnet, which should be a metaphor for those people in our lives who are, to put it more accurately in Tagalog, ‘Masarap kainin pero masama sa puso.’

Dio dude, truth hurts. Hindi mo na kailangan isampal pa sa mukha niya. Sampalin kita ng happy horse e. Gigil.

Sorry for the word but tangina rin naman talaga, Caridad Sonia is all of us. Ang lala. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hirap talaga tumanggi sa taong mahal mo, napapapunta sa La Union na wala naman sa plano e. Ang tanga mo naman Carson . . . sino ka? Ako? Charot!

Sana na-appreciate ni Dio ‘yun. Pero wala e. We are blind when we fall in love, we only see what we want to.

This scene!!! What the heck. ‘Di ko na rin maatim i-screenshot. BUT THE GREATEST QUESTION OF ALL TIME, WHY DID YOU KISSED HER, DIO?


“Bakit ka ba sorry nang sorry? Wala ka namang kasalanan. ‘Di mo naman kasalanan kung ‘di mo ako mahal.”

Okay, bye. Sleeping forever. Hahaha.

Ito ‘yung pinakamabigat na linya talaga sa pelikulang ito, e. Napakatotoo. I can recite this from my heart and even when I sleep. With tears pa iyon. Ang lungkot-lungkot.

But it’s a beautiful, redemptive line. Enough playing victim and then antagonizing people for not loving us the way we do them.

It would been easy to turn our leading man into a jerk, forcing the audience to get angry at him for not picking the “right girl,” but the way Paulo Avelino plays Dio as a guy who’s incredibly oblivious, indecisive yet ultimately well-meaning. The villain of this movie is not Dio; It’s circumstance. Between graduation, law school, crappy exes, and feelings left unsaid for seven years, the films goes to lengths to show us that we’re looking at a relationship that’s hard to boil down into a simple statement.

Sobrang aaaaaarrrrhhhhh!

Huling titig sa huling gabi. Pero may isang Pathy with an H pa rin Hanggang sa Huli.

The hurt. The pain. Oh my god!

And you just had one major breakdown in front of your mom because you can’t take the hurt anymore.

That one text. Your mind is telling you no but your heart tells you otherwise. Pumunta ka pa rin. Ang rupok mo, girl!!

“Graduate na ako.”

Tapos na ako sa’yo. Pitong taon. Pitong taong delayed pero graduate na. Tapos na.

But we all know how “in love” our older love’s place is deep below, never gone.

7 years, 10 years or more. Your place is still yours.

[all photos grabbed from TBA Studio PH]

Stream the movie here: I’m Drunk, I Love You

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