One of my favourite things about traveling is meeting people. It gives you the chance to meet different types of people from different walks of life. I love being able to converse with someone, with no script and no expectations. And how the universe would magically align for you to have a certain experience. The constant coming and going. The overwhelming flux. The confusing, chaotic mess at airports, seaports and railways. Crossing paths by chance. A welcoming kind of disturbance.

When you’re traveling alone with no solid itinerary, no other person to ask where to go, where to eat, you learn just to go with the flow because you never know what will happen next. It teaches you to be patient, to be considerate, and to be independent. Most of all you experience the kind of freedom you never knew you needed.

A lot of things happened to me in the months of July and August. I must say that the adventurous side of me had been awakened.

My heart is a wild sea. My fascination with waves and the ocean has taught me many things. I’ve always wanted to touch every grain of sand and swim to every clear waters of the beach. I’ve always wanted to chase every sunrise and sunsets and sleep under the stars.

And so I go.

Siargao is one of my bucketlists! This place is so dazzling. Everything is beautiful and peaceful. I never really imagined myself to be this attached to an island; This is an island that any beach bum would fall in love with.

Now, let’s embrace the spontaneity this island offers, and be open to be lost.

We got a flights from Manila / Cebu to Siargao via Cebu Pacific Airlines. We were supposed to fly at 10 AM but we were delayed for two hours. Since there were still traces of the previous storm then, I could barely see the view through the dark clouds.

After a while, it cleared up and I was rewarded with this!

I have to admit the indirect flight to Siargao was so hassle. But that’s the only way how to get to Siargao Island from Manila is by taking a connecting flight to Cebu. From Cebu, there is only one flight per day going to Siargao and two flights going from Siargao to Cebu.

The update is Skyjet Airlines now offers direct flights from Manila to Siargao.

From Sayak Airport– Siargao’s airport, you can reach the municipality of General Luna, in just an hour by arranging for a pick-up from your host before going to the island or you can hail a habal just outside the airport.

As a budget traveler we chose to stayed at Villa Solaria. This hostel is one of cheapest accommodation we found. Though this hostel is not a classy one but ambiance is very reasonable comparing it to its cheap price. The room don’t have an AC, but was a huge ceiling fan made it really cold during the night.

We didn’t get to try the food at the resort though, so I can’t tell you anything about it. However, what I do know is that guests can use to kitchen to cook their own meals.

It has a lot of resorts that offer accommodation from luxury rooms to cheap dormitories. Trip Advisor, Agoda, and and Travel Book will always come in handy. But once you get on the island, there are several places that you can look into that may offer good deals. Or better yet, stay with locals and experience Island life like how the locals live it.

**Travel Book offered the biggest discounts.

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Moving on…

To start our journey in Siargao, we try one of the most popular activities in the island: Island Hopping!

This involves exploring the famous three are paradises- each with its unique beauty that will allure you:

Guyam Island is a teardrop shape island.

Not a bad place to swim, right?

Daku Island is the middle island and biggest among the three. It is a pretty good chill spot.

One day I’m going to tame those waves

 Discovered another happy place

Naked Island it’s not a nudist island it just doesn’t have anything other than sand on it making it a naked island.

what keeps them even is their emerald glass-like waters, cream-colored soft sand and the picturesque number of coconut trees all around!

My inner island girl self is showing

Personal Recommendation: If you have limited budget in your Siargao Tour, you can skip this tour and just focus on the near ones.

Siargao is dubbed as the Surfing capital and the Surfers’ Haven of the Philippines. Needless to say, it is one of the main attractions of the area. The Peak season is between March and October but it’s not as crowded as Boracay.

Waves are good all throughout the year, but best season is the second half of the year. So for Surfers, August to November would be the best months to surf since this is the season where the swell and wind conditions are perfect for surfing. The National and International Surfing Competition are usually held every last week of September. That’s the busy month for Siargao.

Most of the surfing instructors offer 500php per hour of their service, including surf board.

Exploring the mysteries under the sea

There’s also have other popular destination there. The Magpupungko Rock Pool.

These natural rock pools are about 1 hour drive from the main tourist area of General Luna, the rock pools are exposed at low tide and are an awesome spot for hours of exploring and cliff jumping.

Aaaaaaaand if you’re a party goer, worry not. Because Siargao definitely has AWESOME NIGHT EXPERIENCE everyday! Happy hours and fire dances.

Every night there’s something going on on the island. They have different pasabogs, and parties are actually scheduled per bar.

A good thing about the island’s party places is most of them are located relatively far away from many accommodations so that non-party goers can enjoy their goodnight’s sleep. The big nights are usually Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

These You must not miss this experience in Siargao, I tell you!

To top it off, by night we watch the night sky on the beach. Since it was a cloudless night and shooting stars can be easily seen.

I just can’t help but fall in love with the island. Being an island girl feels so good. Waking up to a mostly sunny weather, barefoot most of the time– walking on the white sand, never wearing anything more than a shirt & shorts & slippers, feeling the clear blue water rush on to your feet, no makeup on, and basically just ignoring my phone most of the time.

My heart and my soul was captivated by the rush of excitement and joy every single day of my stay in Siargao. There’s something about this island that just makes you want to forget everything and live in the now– and that’s the vacation we all kind of need once in a while.

I explore, I discover. I swim, I jump. I walk. I soaked up all the adventures the island could offer. Definitely coming coming back.

Thank you Siargao! 💙🌟