Morning Skincare Routine

We all know the importance of nighttime skincare, but a solid morning routine is just as crucial. Morning skincare is all about protection and preservation. No one wants to look haggard all day long, right? So for us to have a clear, smooth and fresh skin, we shoulda need to take care of it.

Without further ado, here we go: ( I keep my skincare routine simple. I don’t used too much products on face since I’m still young)

1). Soap

Every morning I wash my face using Dove Beauty Bar, hypoallergenic bar.

My initial thoughts that it was just another cake of soap. My skin is normally dry and flaky but after I regularly use it became less dry and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It truly does keep my skin hydrated and looking healthy.

2). Moisturizer

My mom noticed that I don’t have glow nowadays. Maybe this is due to the fact that I often sleep late. So what I did was I purchased this Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil.

I intend to use Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil only on my face as a moisturizer. I also noticed my face look radiant than usual in the mornings, and my pores are also less prominent I cannot exactly say that it minimized my pores but it made a difference.

What I like:

•Provides moisture without the icky feeling

•Made skin radiant

•Did not ruin my makeup

•Did not made me oily

•No breakouts

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3). BB Cream

I use Maybelline’s Clear Glow BB Cream. It help me especially when I need to makeup but I don’t have time. It’s my saving grace.

It is described as a “bright benefit cream,” The product claims to give you superior and flawless coverage with its special mineral clay formula. This BB cream from Maybelline offers 12 hours of shine control while acting as a concealer and moisturizer. It also offers sun protection with an SPF 21 and PA++ formula. This product offers 8 amazing benefits. The all in one formula claims to leave you with a matte finish, protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and conceal blemishes, while brightening, smoothening, evening out, refining, and hydrating your skin.

It is most suitable for people who do not have a lot of skin issues as it helps even out your skin tone by covering up redness, slight pigmentation, and light marks. However, it does not offer heavy coverage for people who might have excessive acne scars or pigmentation.

So that’s all folks. Hope it helps. It just a simple, quick and budget-friendly morning skincare routine.

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