Life Lately | Vol. 6

Hi dudes!

This is an ecstatic, happy and blessed start to November for me. I can’t even put them into words. Just…wow! God is really a wonder. It’s amazing how my feelings did a 180 and turned from blue to shining gold. And I’m so productive these past few weeks, I must say.

*cough* So, what’s been happening?

Firstly, two weeks ago, I joined to Hello Kitty Run 2017 with “Link Love Together” concept promoted in the race and in their merchandise at SM by the Bay, SM Mall Of Asia. Perhaps, this is the largest fun run I’ve seen in my life with more than 10,000 participants – since this is only my second time to join in Fun Run which first is when I was in college.

I’m not a big fan of Hello Kitty but, this had really caught my attention that’s why once I found out about this I told to myself that I HAVE to join this Kitty run!

Image logo via Facebook

Okay, let’s run with me!

I prefer to start on the fourth wave which starts at 6:45AM. Gotta start the day right!

The event area was teeming with participants of all ages when I arrived. And it was simply a sight to behold.  It was a sea of people wearing pink!  Imagine how cute the runners were by wearing their Hello Kitty stuff and Hello Kitty attires. See, We have painted the town PINK!

At around the second kilometer of the race, I stopped because there were some containers there where you’d pick a rolled-up paper inside. I really thought that it was some sort of extra-mini-surprise-challenge. Hahahaha. I know I’m weird to thought of that but that’s me who’s always go for the adventure and thrill, e. Lol. Anyway, it just some words of encouragement, kind of like a fortune cookies. Yeah, it’s not a freebie.

Thank you & Remember to Exercise at least 30 minutes a day! 🙂

So overall, I finished my race. What’s funny is the race was an utter mess. The participants crowding the area and taking selfies and there were cars and bikes occasionally disrupting the mood by entering the event’s designated routes and asking the participants to move, plus the gloomy weather that seemed ready to give a downpour anytime but thankfully the weather cooperated. And also, those handing over the finishers’ medals have no means of knowing if you actually crossed the finish line or not. Anyone could just go to them and ask for it. However,I really had fun with the first ever Hello Kitty Run in the Philippines. The ambiance was a true embodiment of a fun run! It was a relaxed pace all-throughout the race with such a cute, festive and pink atmosphere. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.

So to those who completed this event, Congratulations!

Secondly, I had a not-so- awesome-and not-so-boring Halloween experience this year. Sakto lang.

Here’s my mama who’s so game to wear a wig. I love her sooo much.

The coolest grandma in town!

While me:

❝ You wanted fire? Sorry, Cheryl Bombshell, my specialty is ice. ❞

I dressed as Veronica Lodge for Halloween. 😅

Aaaaaaaand that’s all. Hope you have great weekend.

Osya, lemme close this post by saying this:

Sometimes you just need to relax, trust God and trust life because things will work out. Let go a little and let life happen.

Have a rockin’ day, dudes!