If I Stay | Book Review



If I Stay

By Gayle Forman

There are life lessons in that. Life might take you down in different roads. But you gotta be brave to choose which one to take. Be strong to take a risk. If I Stay reflects the importance of life choices and the value of your loved ones whether be your partner or family to your decisions.

Book summary

seventeen year old Mia Hall who is extremely talented at playing the cello and has to make a huge decision: whether to pursue her dreams and go to Julliard and leave her family and her beloved boyfriend, Adam behind or not. However, her life turned 180° when Mia and her family get into a terrible car accident which she finds herself in a coma. Through this coma, however, Mia has an out-of-body experience. Through this, she is able to watch the actions around her. It brings her to make the biggest decision of all: to wake up and be reunited with Adam or die.


This book is for everyone looking for a quick and life inspirational read. I loved everything about it: from the storyline, the research, down to the way the plot kicked in.

There are parts of If I Stay that are truly exceptional, seriously. Exceptional in a way you couldn’t put the book down. This book is beyond beautiful. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile but you will cry or drop a tear now and then. And how it is a story you’ll cherish forever. In my heart, If I Stay will always have a special place. This book is a tearjerker that works because it is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

The Writing

It’s not the best book in terms of writing but I think it’s exactly its concise and clean nature that pulled me in from the start. It’s written with a perfect atmosphere fitting the story and all the emotions of the characters, but so are many many other books I’ve read. There are certain appeal to the simple writing style that just kept me reading until midnight! It’s written in the first pov which I see an excellence choice since the story is focus on Mia’s life.

The Characters

Characters are well-written and carefully constructed that you truly get to know them in a way many YA books fail to accomplish. Mia may be the oddball, but it has something comforting in that that her parents are always there to encourage her. Mia’s parents are my best list. Perhaps the most interesting characters in the books. They are certainly most fun parents I have seen in YA in quite a long time. They’re very fun, hip, supportive parents; Adam is Mia’s rocker boyfriend has the sweetest personality. Their love story didn’t fully invest to me. Maybe because there was a bit of a disconnect for me between Mia and Adam. We didn’t get enough flashbacks/ interactions between them; I also love her silly younger brother Teddy who always looks up to her. And of course her bestfriend Kim. She has strong personality and she’s resilient!

The Plot

I love the plot! While it’s simple, it’s thought out and thrilling. Gayle switches back and forth between past events/stories and the present. I like how Mia sees it as an observer of her own life, watching herself lie in the hospital. While watching these events unfold, hearing what her loved ones have to say, Mia has to make some valuable decision- one that won’t only change her life but those around her. I really like how Gayle wrote it. It was was a reality check, it makes a person look around and think how our whole world could easily turn upside down in the blink of an eye, right? This book makes you realize the importance of time. To value and love your parents. And to cherish every moment with your love ones.

The Research 

The book used medical terminologies yet Gayle Forman did a great job in the research department and I like how she incorporated them in the story smoothly. Never once did I feel like I was getting bombarded by details, no. She make it easy for the readers to understand it especially, if you don’t know anything about medical fields.

 The Rating 

I give this book 4.5/5. Because I loved every bit of it and I truly enjoyed reading If I Stay. I am excited to continue onto the next book, Where She Went. If I Stay is definitely going to my favorite lists! It’s fabulous, compelling and intriguing! And the title, made sense. I would highly recommend this book for anyone- especially if you are looking for something quick to read. If you are a sappy reader like myself and be get ready to cry for it brings you a roller coaster of emotion.