Empire Fashion Cafe

It was unplanned hangouts when the gang decided to roam around Marikina to find some resto or coffee shop to eat.

So began, our trip in finding restaurants we stumbled upon the famous food hub at Lilac Street, The Empire Fashion Cafe. It was fashion boutique that also houses a coffee shop.

This is the first time that I saw this kind of place, the interiors for me is really a plus. It’s found at the second floor of the building and it was indeed a huge area for fashion store along with the cafe.

I just love how casual, cool and welcoming the vibes of the place. If you don’t know about it yet, lemme tell it to you. I’m not fan of shopping. Yeah, I know it’s new to hear a girl who doesn’t like that much the idea of shopping except if it is book shopping, hoho where most of us love is love doing it but hey here I am. LOL. But this boutique caught my attention. I was so awed to see how adequate the size of the fashion cafe is. The entire shop is filled with different independent sellers, most of them are also selling through their perspective Instagram accounts. As it appears to me, it’s a place where IG sellers are gathered in one place.

The combination of fashion and coffee is so brilliant! 

They have clothes,bags, shoes, caps, accessories, footwear, hair stuff, makeup-name it, they got it! I also saw a few designer items from Kate Spade, Lacoste and Michael Kors.

It made me fall in love.


We are so hungry by this time so, since we were already there we decided to try out there Cafe. From the outside, some tables and chairs were scattered for those who wanna hangout and smoke.

We ordered Double Cheeseburger (P235), Beef Nachos (P135), Carbonara (P155), Spaghetti with Meatballs (P155).

The foods are helluva good! The taste and blending are just right.The frappes are good! Not so sweet,not to bland-sakto lang. And it’s affordable, too, so I’m definitely going back.

(Photo Disclaimer: This picture is from Empire Fashion Cafe’s official page.)

My impression on this store is that it is like a compact Shoppesville, Greenhills. A one stop shop of fashion essentials. I was extremely happy to see in this store.

Ratings: 4/5

I will come back to Empire Fashion Cafe. I love the variety of cakes and the overall vibe of the place.

Opens every:

Monday-Thursday 11am-10:30pm
Friday-Sunday 11am-11pm

Located at:

#10 Lilac St., Concepcion II, Marikina City

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