10 Reasons to love Supernatural 

It is widely acknowledged that I watch an insane amount of TV shows. All my friends can testify to that. There is one show, however, that holds a special place in my heart: Supernatural!

My obsession with it was started when I stumbled upon a list of CW’s list. Dad told me about this show way back 2005. I tried to watched it. Boy I was glad that I did so. Winchesters,Cas and Bobby made me fall so hard. I immediately and irrevocably fallen in love with it. This show has been around for twelve years now so imagine the amount of fans it gathered over the years. And why wouldn’t it? Supernatural literally has every – fucking – thing, and that’s not exaggerating it!

For those of you who have never heard of Supernatural let me catch you up: Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who are hunters. They’re travel across the country hunting creatures of all brands of wicked.

WARNING! After reading this post you will probably end up binge-watching all  seasons of Supernatural. I know I did… (Oh, and definitely SPOILERS ahead)

10). Comic Relief

This show is chock full of death, tragedy, gore and horror, but it certainly leaves room for some good ole’ comic relief. They also give time to create funny scenes to lighten up the mood – even better, they usually throw these funny lines between and during tough situations! There’s plenty of scenes that seem like they came straight from the gag reel, but nope, they actually happened. There are no boundaries in “Supernatural.” Anything goes.

9). The Cast

This show would not be the same if it had a different cast. The actors have embraced the show, their characters, and its fandom as a whole, and they do their best in showing this, even off the set.

SPN has tendency to create fleshed-out side characters – and really good villains.

We get to have Castiel, the innocent and funny angel.

Then there is Bobby Singer, the father of all great quotes and sass remarks and the boys’ father figure. His personality is that of a direct nature, he’s referred to as ‘the town drunk’ but I like to think of him as a man who is dealing with a great deal of knowledge in perhaps not the best way. He is skilled as a hunter and proves as a role model of the brothers especially Dean. Words can’t describe how much I value his presence in the show. He’s just that awesome!

Then of course our lovable villains you love to hate. Crowley are so darn likable. Yes, he’s evil but even when they’re plotting ways to jumpstart the apocalypse or are killing innocents, I can’t help but still look upon him fondly. We understand him, we relate to him, we know his strengths and flaws, and we know where he is coming from.

We also have other characters, those you simply despise and then there are those that you can’t help but find endearing.

That sassy demon is Crowley, the king of Hell.

8). The Monsters 

Supernatural is pretty rich with myths and urban legends. Some of these monsters are familiar to us like fairies, demons, dragons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, angels etc. — and those that are not as well known — rakshasas, Djinn, wraiths, leviathans, rugarus, etc.

Well the monsters on the show do not disappoint, bringing their own lore and unique weaknesses as it pulls you along for the ride.

7). The Writing 

The show has seen many writers over the the years and this can come with problems as each writer has their own style but luckily the show runners have kept an overall view of what needs to be accomplished. The realism of the show amid the supernatural theme is brilliantly written;
Supernatural has all the main issues and factors one would want to see in a TV show. It showcases love, family, duty, strength, heroism, fatal flaws, weaknesses and even conflicts and death. It has life and death (literally) and everything in between, hence why it’s so damn believable and organic. The relationship of Sam and Dean is powerful and moving through the good times and the bad. Sam and Dean relationship carefully woven into each episode. They always there for each other and that what makes this special.

6).  It’s very Meta

Supernatural is not afraid to be critical and bold. The crew are aware of what’s going on in the fandom as they are never afraid to give us what we want. On many occasions the show makes fun of TV, pop culture and most importantly, itself. For instance, the “Fan Fiction” (season 10) where Sam and Dean are faced with a play based on their lives treads into the realm of fan fiction itself.

I remember I can’t help but cry watching on how Dean looks at the student who played as Bobby on the musical. You can really see how much he miss him.

I really appreciate all the hard work of the crew and I do really respect them. Because I always find myself wondering where on earth they got those content? Fantabulous. Simply fantabulous.

5). The Soundtrack 

Dean is what I guess you would call a classic rock fan. So get ready for Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallica and many more. Songs that have been featured on the show.

And boy, the official soundtrack.

Kansas’ Carry On My Wayward Son. It is played at the end of every season in the opening credits of the last episode, whilst showing ‘The Road So Far’ to quickly summarize the events of the entire season,which allows for a quick reminder of how the characters have developed throughout the season. Whilst this type of music wouldn’t seem to fit into a show like this, it’s perfect.

Its so rad and lit that I get goosebumps everytime I hear it,baby. I can say is that this show really knows its songs well.


4). The GIF

The Fandom and GIF are so notorious. We have a wide selection of quotable quotes, images, and gifs to use to express our feelings and thoughts – and even to invade and take over a tumblr and Pinterest post.

Supernatural has graced the world with gifs for everything!

Not to mention we have a unique array of quotes and lines while creating its own unique code of communication. ‘Bitch’ and ‘jerk’ symbolize Sam and Dean’s brotherly love while ‘balls’, ‘idjit’ and ‘assbutt’ are go-to swear words for most Supernatural fans.

Just watch that episode. I watched that scence 6 times in a row. Hoshiz Hahahaha.

3). Action

If you’re a fan of all things action-packed, then “Supernatural” is for you. Each episode entails shooting, stabbing, staking, beheading or burning, and Sam and Dean constantly brush up against Death.

Its Never Ending but Inventive Deaths. Dean dies over a 100 times and each time is different. Each time the brother die they are revived either by the Angel Castiel. Because whatever happens Winchesters are unstoppable and they revived in some inventive way in the near future.

2). Baby 

1967 Chevy Impala, a.k.a Baby, stole the limelight from the boys despite being damaged more than once. The Impala is more than just a classic car. It is basically a character. It is a symbol of their family legacy. It is the home they never had.

Originally their dad’s car and Dean so much love it.

The trunk holds an amass of weapons that are modified and crafted to aid The Winchesters in their hunting activities. Dean refers to the Impala affectionately as “Baby.”

The number one reason to love “Supernatural” is the brothers. The Winchester boys are the leads of the show and with them the audience feels, truly feels. They are the heart and spine of the show and they are literally the core of everything.
Dean Winchester is the elder of the two. The more sarcastic and impulsive of the two. His personality is similar to a soldier, sometimes following blindly into a battlefield he knows nothing about but having the up-most trust and faith in those that sent him there. He is supportive to his little brother.

While Sam Winchester is the studious type. He has more on knowledge when it comes to technology. He thinks before he acts.

The Winchester boys are powerful leads with a strong back story and subplots of their own, they’re not hard on eyes. Together these boys send us on emotional roller coaster. It makes us laugh, cry, hurt, scream and just feel. They’re not perfect but perfectly flawed. They’re unstoppable and relate-able.

This show is  not only action-packed and realistic; It’s the reality within the paranormal theme of the show. The characters are believable and we all actually care for them well I know I do.

I have related to them, cried with them, laugh with them and felt them pain. It is a wonderful thing for a fan to connect so deeply with a character.

Supernatural taught me about family, loyalty, friendship, morality, honor and perseverance. It taught me that family is not limited to blood and that it’s okay to fight for what you believe is right, even if it’s just you against the world.

Only show that really passes the message of  what is to be a family.

In addition:

The hunt is over. I finally found you,SPN. I did nothing this whole week but scour all nearest store in hope of getting a copy. My efforts have been paid off. I finally got you SPN. Horrah!

I know you’re thinking why do need to make it hard for me to have a copy if I can downloaded it to Torrent which you only need is fast internet, and the perks is it’s free. It simply because I want to have my own hard copy and I’m also looking for the other SPN memorabilia. Obsessed isn’t? I know right.