Nandana Wellness and Spa | Review

Last Monday was my mom’s birthday. After we ate at Plane Bistro which is located at España we decided to head out to Quezon City for some massage spa experience. I discovered this Nandana Wellness and Spa on Instagram when one of my friends posted a picture about it. Since then, my body literally and figuratively craving for the sweet relaxation. That’s why I took the chance to get there and to treat my  mom to her birthday at the same time.
When I stepped inside their spa I already love the ambience. It’s refreshing. I don’t sure if it’s only me, but the paint color of wall felt stimulating and calming to my eyes. The place doesn’t have that much furniture and decorations though the soothing scent of the oil permeating in the air itself is enough to relax your mind. The staff is very polite and vey accommodating.

After the transaction in reception, my mom was ushered to one of the rooms. She didn’t want Thai massage with oil maybe because of  she doesn’t want the feeling of malagkit and the smell of the oil. So, she opted for their signature hot stone massage. It’s suits to her because she have this what we called lamig on her body and she’s been enduring back pain. The nurse there said that mabuti para sa kanya and mas relaxing daw. While I was chose for Swedish full body massage.

It was my second time tried a body massage in my entire life, honestly. Not to mention the body massage that I had with manghihilot as we call it. Hahaha. I could say that I’m not expert in reviewing this one. So, onto the body massage, the room is good and clean by the way. The lady that assisted to me was so nice. The Swedish massage pala is more on hagod-hagod part. I’d made a right choice because my muscles are feeling really sore. I needed to relax and soothe my muscles. Good thing, the lady that assisted to me was applied adequate and relaxing massage to my pressure points especially right around my shoulder. Ugh! Wow, dudes. It feeeeeeels like I’m in the cloud nine!

I can really say that their service is super sulit and very affordable but doesn’t sacrifice the quality. My mom and I are so satisfied. And the staffs are so friendly. Hindi ka mabo-boring. Wanna say thank you to ate Ann and Jennifer.

So, my all-in-all ratings: 4/5

If you interested, kindly check their page or in metrodeal for their promos. You can find them at 3rd Floor, You can find them at 135-2D Kamias Road, Sikatuna Village Quezon City.

I recommend this for you to try. You’ll surely enjoy their service too. *wink*