Art Class

Wanna learn to paint and find your painting voice and style? Kim is here to help you about that. She invites you into her intimate headspace, like a snapshot of her experiences… What are we here for if not to inspire one another?

A Face To Call Home

I reminisce the things that had to happen just to get to our first conversation. And I look at the person seated across me now. It is the same face I will see hopefully every morning until my last breath. And all I can think is— “Wow. Worth every second of the wait.”

Things You Learn About Life Only After Moving Away From Home

Moving away from home is an experience that comes with an array of realities. A part of you looks forward to the independence. You know, buying your own food, making your own schedule and never having to report to anyone. Nevertheless, moving away from home also comes with several fears like loneliness, financial stress and failure.

Takeaways From 2021

Each year around this time, I enjoy taking a few moments to reflect on what’s transpired over the last 12 months — and how to keep growing in ways that support our health as well as our emotional and mental wellness.

Anima: Finding Purpose & Awakening

There will always be events which halve our lives into Before and After.

Isn’t it surreal? How the quarantine days look mostly the same, and yet we find our way of life irreversibly changed? In just one summer, we’ve become strangers to the manic pace humanity has collectively maintained in the past. Systems we passively accepted before have been called into question. With life indefinitely on hold, I feel like I’ve been on a treadmill this whole time—logging in invisible miles, yet also stuck running in place. I blink and it’s you again, March. Hi, 2021. The seasons did change. We’ve changed.